Saturday, January 30, 2010

10 for '10: cook up a storm

resolution #3: another step in my self-improvement process is to master my kitchen. i've always liked to cook and recently the interest has grown into more of an obsession. i love to eat but more than that, i love to feed and i adore taking the time and love to make something utensils are cute too. in order to keep on track with resolution #2 i must stay focused or, knowing myself, i'll end up like julia child with caulanders in every color and le creusets of every size.

this week i busted out some fresh baguettes, butternut squash-sage penne and sweet potato burritos. baking isn't really my strong suit but i hope to change that and i'm starting with a tart. remember that butternut squash-pomegranate galette i talked about? well i made it and oh man it was sooo goood....perhaps the extra butter i added to the dough? i also improvised by adding turnip and extra sage.

beautiful butternut, ready for slicing

i love the taste of turnips

veggie medley

salt and pepper-infused galette dough

ready for baking!

food porn close-up


top with pomegranate seeds and toasted walnuts and get ready for a slice of heaven...

for other yummy-sounding savory tarts and pies try this or this.

bon appetit!

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