Monday, January 25, 2010

10 for '10: wear out my passport

resolution #2: this year I vow to pinch as many pennies as possible so that I can travel a ton. i want a roadtrip to savannah, a mini vacay to santa fe, a study abroad reunion/ golden bday party in sevilla, christmas in copenhagen and new years in reykjavik and i'm hoping that $100 from each weekly paycheck will get me there. any true traveler needs a few good accessories and these are at the top of my list...

a cashmere pashmina is perfect and easy to pack for any weather, anywhere

my trusty chucks are great for all seasons and only get better with age (*)

a globe bank serves as two-fold inspiration and makes a cute, colorful little addition to your home (*)

the Canon Rebel T1i is my last big purchase before travels!

you've seen this one before- a gold pen necklace is ideal for postcard-writing on the go (*) what are your travel must-haves?

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