Wednesday, July 23, 2008

See: Koons' Balloon Dog

Who: Jeff Koons
What: Balloon Dog (Yellow)
Where: On the roof of the Met
When: Now through October 26th
Why: A Manhattan roof is exciting in itself. But a roof overlooking Central Park with a cocktail bar and faux blow-up balloon animals doesn't come along everyday.

Go: Montauk, East Hampton

What: Montauk
Where: East Hampton, NY
Why I want to go: Sand, sun, water, wine (also, it's where Chandler pees on Monica's jellyfish sting)
Why I haven't gone yet: We're going to a wedding there this weekend!
How I'll get there: LIRR, 3 hrs from Penn Station

Monday, July 21, 2008

Go: Renwick Ruins, Roosevelt Island

What: Renwick Ruins (Smallpox Hospital)
Where: Roosevelt Island, between Manhattan and Queens
Why I want to go: The uplighting at night makes it look like a haunted castle! By day it would be a good place for a picnic.
Why I haven't gone yet: Joel
How I'll get there: The Roosevelt Island Tramway from Manhattan

Friday, July 18, 2008

Eat: Cake Man Raven

Who: Cake Man Raven
What: He's celebrating his 6th, 7th or 8th anniversary of cake-baking, depending on the source
Where: 708 Fulton St, Ft Greene, Brooklyn
When: Sunday, June 20th, 3pm sharp
Why I wanna go: red velvet cake, cupcake parade and a special appearance by Cake Man's cuz, Grillmaster Chris
Why I haven't gone yet: It's only Friday!
How I'll get there: the J to the C

Go: Dia Beacon

What: Dia Beacon Museum
Where: Beacon, NY
Why I want to go: It's a museum. It's on the Hudson River. It's not New York City.
Why I haven't gone yet: Had plans to go with friends, Joel got mad cause he wanted to take me, canceled plans with friends, still waiting, Joel-skies!
How I'll get there: With lots of persistence and a little Metro-North
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