Wednesday, January 6, 2010

10 for '10: write away

i'm not usually big on resolutions but life seems harder to keep up with these days, so i came up with a little list of ten things i'd like to attempt, improve on or cross off in 2010.

1. stay in better touch with friends old and new, far and wide. i'd like to enlist the help of these little gems...a new year is never complete without a few new accessories to keep you on track...

how about a beautiful bright yellow montgomery ward escort 55? it just begs you to keep up the correspondence.

a rosy red clog pen holder adds some cheer.

postal co for opening ceremony makes letter writing cool and superconvenient!

this little red notebook is the perfect place to pen bdays and addresses and love notes in the making.

a cute quirky paper organizer adds quick pizazz to any desktop!

for notes-on-the-go, wear your pen close to your heart a la Joan Holloway.

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