Wednesday, December 2, 2009

november in pictures!

november brought lots of happiness including joel's bar exam results (NY and NJ!!!), a new kitten, lots of good food and a couple little getaways....

my boo, esquire:

we celebrated with juicy burgers

and gentlemanly cocktails and conversation at the library bar

then off to beantown for a weekend visit with jason and sam

the big, beautiful house we stayed in

canoeing on the concord was easy peasy

ran into a minuteman

in the love of freedom this monument was erected, 1836

my chauffeur


gazillions of glasses at the women for women gala

best pizza in the hood

making of the best pizza in the hood

manhattan inn manhattan

in love with this stool

baby birdies nesting at the Met

and may i present to you...Weber!!!!!!

we found her hiding under the grill on our balcony...

and the rest is history

little joy is really cute!

devendra banhart is really dreamy

more Weber...i can't really get enough

finally made those glazed maple goodieeeees, please have one

one final note: i am trying so hard not to come off as some crazy cat lady. but look at this face!


Jim and Jami said...

What a beautiful kitten, and congrats on passing the Bar.


comolaflor said...

I am glad to hear that you found some kitten love! As you may already know, ahem, we fancy cats quite a bit...I am afraid to post the number of cats that we now have because then we will really look like crazy cat people.

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