Monday, November 23, 2009

little joy + devendra b, nov.09

remember how much i love devendra banhart? last night i went with kim and maleeha to see him and little joy, two lovely bands that are pretty easy on the ears and the eyes, if you know what i mean. after 6 days of coughs and sneezes, a seated concert sounded kinda nice. it was a great show (and would have been a gazillllion times better if the girl in the next row had opted not to flail her arms about through all of devendra's set while yelling along to every word).

anyhoo, he played a lot of new stuff, some from the new album and some really hard rock stuff. one of my fave songs off his new album is a sweet little ditty called baby...take a listen.

the opening act, little joy, is fabrizio moretti's (the strokes) cute new little band, and i'm in love with this song:

happy monday, folks.

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