Sunday, October 4, 2009

San Francisco mini-visit pt I: sites, Oct.09

lately it really feels as though i've left my heart in San Francisco...i catch myself missing creepy/lovable old italians at cafe trieste; foggy mornings, noons and nights; heaps of hills; belgian frjtz; beer and crepes; beautiful views; emmy's spaghetti; best friends; chinatown boutiques; plantain burritos; delores park truffles and wine walks.

lucky for me, i'm going back in 3 little days!! i'll only be in SF for a couple quick days as i'm headed to LeRoy's wedding in mendocino for the weekend (!!!!) but i plan on really living it up and packing it in. here are just a few of the things on my to do list:

*calfifornia academy of sciences: this beautiful building re-opened after i moved away and i can't wait to see inside.

*delores park!: the sunniest spot in the city- awesome for eating burritos, sipping wine and tasting truffles.

*deyoung museum

*golden gate park & chalet!

*marin headlands beauty

*the tourist club in muir woods: i've still never been to this little hidden gem of a bar in the middle of muir woods, but i would LOVE to cross that off my list this time.

...check back tomorrow for my fave SF food & drink ( i have a lot)

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