Monday, October 5, 2009

San Francisco mini-visit pt 2: food + drinks, Oct.09

next up, some of the food and drinks i can't wait to get busy with...

*coffee and crossword at cafe trieste (secretly hoping for an awkward run-in with 75-yr old midriff-baring ex-neighbor gary)

*house of nanking: best Chinese food IN THE WORLD...i've been hearing rumors that they closed due to a fire but i'm crossing my fingers and toes that they're re-opened by wednesday lunchtime!

*greyhounds at specs: my fave cocktail at one of the most quaint and classy north beach secrets

*slanted door out the door: my favorite lunch spot back in the day and the best spring rolls and chicken buns EVER

*mitchell's ice cream: crazy flavors like baby coconut, avocado and purple ya

*sushi zone: the longest but totally worthwhile wait for uh-mazing sushi

*emmys's spaghetti, meatballs and 40 ouncers

*bluebottle coffee: amazing amazing amazing coffe. big sister to nyc's awesome abraco

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