Tuesday, January 10, 2012

12 for '12: Sleep under the stars

Intention #7
Travel is always near the tippy top of my to do list for each new year, but this year it's looking like most vacation days will be spent stateside, which I am totally cool with. There are approximately 800 places I would die to visit in the U.S., so I plan to cross at least a couple of them off my list. I'd like to try something off the beaten path in 2012 and sleep out under the stars and among the forest canopies in...a treehouse! You may have noticed that I've been daydreaming of treehouse vacations for years. I think this year my little dream will finally be realized.

Thanks to my boo, sometime this Spring we'll be visiting our City by the Bay, after almost two long years away. My mind is already spinning with visions of favorite people to see, places to visit, and foods to eat (and eat and eat and eat). I'm also thinking this might be the perfect opportunity to burrow into a Human Nest in Big Sur, or climb into a sky-high suite at Post Ranch Inn.

In the midst of my obsessive searching, I also discovered these amazing treehouse hotels in my own home state. Yes ma'am!

Have you ever slept in a treehouse hotel? One of my good friends lived in New Zealand for a year and always raved of these stargazer huts she would stay in - they had large windows above the bed where you could peer out into the night sky...dreamy.


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