Thursday, November 5, 2009

wondrous weekend, nov.09

the new weekend is almost here but thought i'd share some pics from the last one...happy friday!

friday night cute french din in the hood

halloween from start to finish!

the aftermath...

the cutest little house on the cutest little street

mr. potato head pumpkins

leafy view from the roof

applesauce chocolate chip cookies!


Isadora de Almeida said...

oun so cute, i live in brazil, and here there is some haloween's party, but it isn´t a big tradicion, i apreciated a lot your blog... and your photos, kisses. ps.: sorry about the bad english.

brokentears said...

i looove the milano idea! haha an i cant imagine bein on a subway dressed that way kudos! Yummy to the applesauce cookies...i might have to try them

plussizequeen88 said...

Wow , they are some cute pumpkins.

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