Monday, September 28, 2009

Weekend!: sister visit, sept.09

earlier this month my beautiful sister flew across the country to spend 3 sweet days with me. some of my favorite moments:

chinatown fruits

san gennaro strangeness

whitney, i've been waiting for you!

i wouldn't be upset if this table + chairs made its way into my kitchen

cereal milk as dessert: lowbrow-brilliant

endless inspiration at ABC

pink pillow hill

sister and the sh*tty umbrella

remnants of fashion's night out at kate spade, 5th ave

nobu pineapple martinis top off a superperfect day

mmm rock shrimp

limos are ugly but i love the blur of this photo

(L-R): maggie gyllenhaal, reese witherspoon, hunky jake gyllenhaal, peter sarsgaard, mama gyllenhaal at the DUMBO flea. no biggie.

thisclose to buying a vintage picture book

beautiful wall

furniture shopping on the sidewalk is my fave


rooftop fireworks

perfect ending to a perfect weekend #1: clinton st bakery biscuit sandwich with tomato jam

perfect ending to a perfect weekend #2: clinton st bakery blueberry pancakes

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