Friday, August 28, 2009

nesting: bare walls part 1, aug.09

moving day has come and gone and we are finally spreading out in our new abode! among the many apartment projects i have tucked up my sleeve, adorning the white brick walls might be at the top of the list. i've spent some late nights pondering ways to add color and love to this new home. idea #1: salon wall. this seems like the best- perhaps the only?- way to bring our separate collections of art and wall decor together to form a cohesive piece of hanging happiness. one catch: i'd like to be as non-invasive to these pretty walls as possible, so i purchased a few packs of these. my vision is that this wall will be a melange of framed art, old photos and postcards, maybe a clock or two, some colorful vintage arrows thrown in and perhaps an old mounted book. wish us to come soon!

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