Monday, January 26, 2009

Went: winter great

The boo finally caved and we went on our much-anticipated winter date last week (MLK day). It was more wonderful, whimsical and wintery than I ever could have hoped! We started with a train ride to my favorite new place: Prospect Park. Just as soon as our skates were laced they announced the ice would be off limits while being Zamboni-ed. No prob- we took advantage of the break by snacking on pommes frites and listening to Dr. King's inspiring speech, played over the loudspeaker. After hours of triple axels and figure eights it was time to move on to the next leg of our journey: winter cocktails. We found these at Royale on 5th in Park Slope...we also found Erotic Photo Hunt. After a few rounds (of cocktails and nudey games) we meandered further down 5th to delicious Blue Ribbon Brooklyn where our bellies were warmed with matzo ball soup, smoked fish salad and spicy catfish, mmmmmmmm. Don't be jealous.

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gi ji bae said...

u two are toooo cute! ugh!

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