Monday, November 10, 2008

Eazy, Breezy, New York Ceezy pt.5

Craigslist is an unconditional lover

He's been known to help you find new jobs, apartments, Schwinn cruisers and perhaps a missed connection or two- Craig is no fair-weather friend. He'll also help you when you're down and out, just look what I found in todays "free stuff" listing:

The AbSlide: A complete upper body workout that shapes, tones, stretches and strengthens

These bricks come in handy for a stackable shelving project

A little TLC and this could be a picture perfect Queen Anne's Chair

JuJitsu classes...a few words from this CL poster:

"May be one of the last one of its kind.


New martial art dojo in Long Isalnd and Brooklyn.

We are wellcoming anybody who wants to
lear a true martial art.

No matter who: slim, heavy, strong, shy, out going,
bully, well educated, house wife, sexual inclination,
non English speacker, alfa male, girl, short, tall etc.

Because everybody is different, this matial art will
improve your unique abilties and will give you new ones.

This is not a Mc Dojo."

...hmmmm. Not a Mc Dojo?

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