Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Eazy, Breezy, New York Ceezy pt.2


Check out Kehinde Wiley's scrumptious portraits now through December 20th at Deitch


Not only is the New York Public Library a scource of beauty in and of itself, it also happens to contains a world of free knowledge available to anyone. You're crazy not to own a library card.


A few approaches to eating for free in nyc:
*Food stamps...but you have to be at serious poverty level to qualify
*Stuff your face full of samples at Whole Foods...a 'recession breakfast" as my friends like to call it
*Buy a beer, get a free pizza at Alligator Lounge
*Buy a beer, get a free hot dog at Lost and Found
*Organize a 15-person party at Bushwick Country Club and you drink for free...bump it up to 30 people and they'll toss in free hot dogs
*Happy hour includes free veggie platters and sandwiches every day but Sunday at Ellis Bar

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